Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Meet Up Group For the Aquaponics Build at Sowles Well Services

Hey all! How have you been? Me I am still Busy, busy, busy. Going a hundred miles an hour and only getting ten feet up the road on a full tank.

I have started a Meet Up Group to try and get others interested in Our Aquaponics Garden build. Here in Indiana. The Site is Located in Hebron and is a private Home owners Lot. Which I am currently building our first Test run of the Aquponics System.

We both have had gardens in the past and a Traditional Garden is so much more work and the pay off is a hit or miss for most of us backyard Gardeners. The Weather,  the Time, The effort, and the Labor is some times to demanding for us. With the Weeds, the Birds, the Rodents, and the Bugs not to mention the possibility of disease.

I have set two Meet Ups already in the first month of starting the Group and so far Only I and my Sponsor have showed up. I know it will take some Time it always does. To build a following let alone a tight knit Group dedicated to seeing this Venture through.

I know many don't want to do the dirty work that I am currently doing by myself. And getting things ordered up and running is always a drag. But this is where I am at today. Out of Money and lacking time to get everything done. The Season is changing and I am running out of good working weather.

So I am looking for others in the Greater Chicago Land area or even the Tri-State area to Share Ideas with, to teach, and learn from others with. I am sure there are many backyard Gardeners that could teach me many tricks and tips. As I can show them some as well. But I am looking for the new and Organic way of producing Healthy and Nutritional Foods Organically. And on a smaller piece of land or even in Ones own Basements, Back porch,  or in their Garages.

I have some pictures up here at Our Meet Up Page on what I am doing and the conditions of where I am at with the Aquaponics Build.  Here is the Link to the Meet Up Home Page:

Here are some recycled Pressure tanks from the Well Service Company. I help out from time to time to pay for the use of the land I am using to Build this Aquaponics Garden on. I have turned these seven tanks into my Filtration system. I have access to these use tanks from time to to time. I will get a video up as soon as I can. Most likely after I  get them installed and working. We are Saving money and being as Green as possible as often as possible.

I have several Blog posts here at this Blog on the  Aquaponics Garden Build check them out. I also have a couple of Hubs at In the side bar here is a link to my Hubpages Profile. You can scroll through my Hubs there.

Here is a Rocket Heater I am trying to build for the first Time for our Garden's Green house. These are some of the metal tanks we come across and haul away for our customers. We usually just scrap them out but if we can build something worth building we might do it if we can find the time. And it is worth our wild to do.

I have a Youtube Video here in one of my older posts that shows where I got the Ideal for our Green house. We built at the Aquaponics build site at Sowles Well Services. It cost Us under three hundred dollars. It is a thirty foot by twelve foot Green house. Here is that post:

Well I got tons of other stuff to do so I got to run .

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