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Greenhouse~ "Home made with Cattle Panels"

Uploaded on Jul 2, 2011
One thing I found handy with this Greenhouse is as the tomato plants grew taller and taller there was always a place to tie the plants up to. I finally switched all the buckets to a double bucket system, you can find more videos here that shows how to build them. 

I plan to tie all the buckets together with hydroponics hose to be able to have an automatic watering system next year. I was able to put the greenhouse up in a week, it now has chicken wire along the bottom with nylon screen on the inside with 1/4 inch square holes in it.

The screen came from a roll that was left over from when I insulated my house with cellulose insulation I bought from Regal Industries. It was used to keep most of the moths out. I closed it in with plastic for the winter and the broccoli plants are still growing from last year and it is now 2-17-12.

 This is the design that we are going to model with our greenhouse build a 12x30 ft poly tube until the colder weather hits. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

So far we have two Holding tanks (1) 1,000 gallon (1) five hundred gallon)and four telephone poles and four different water troughs 2@110 gallons and 2 @50 gallons and a variety of PVC Pluming joints with about one hundred and eighty ft.of four inch pipe.

Several smaller tanks (1)Sump (2) Swirlers (2) Equalizers and (3) Lift Siphons as well as some wood chips for the green house floor and 26 concrete blocks.  Plus whatever else I can scrounge up between my Uncle's junk piles and those of  his son's.  Waiting for the yard to dry up some, because we have had several inches of standing water in It after last weeks deluge of rain fall.

We are going to start by stringing it all out and then do our best to get it all set up, plumbed, and then cycling. As soon as the ground is dry enough to work on. Wish us luck this is going to be all new to us as we get started here in the near future. I will be posting videos from my flip cam as we move through the building process.

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