Sunday, October 6, 2013

Come One, Come All, I am Calling Out to You!

Hey All, I have created a Meet Up Page or Account in hopes of starting up a group interested in Learning and sharing their Aquaponics secretes with each other. It would be for those of us in the greater Chicago land area mostly but everyone is welcome to join to share and learn of what we have to offer.

So far as of today Oct. 06 2013 we have five members. We have had one Meet up so far and two of us showed and so Its begun. We have a Meetup scheduled for  tomorrow Oct 7th at 6:30pm at the Aquaponics Garden build site in Hebron IN. This is short notice I know and I am sorry I will work on getting better.  You can go to and search for our group Its called "Living & Growing for Our Tomorrows" Sustainable Healthy Foods. There you will find all of our pictures and past Meetups But we are New less than a month old so far and we are just figuring things out both with Meetup and the Garden  too.

I am the organizer so I will be posting here and there as I do with everything I am doing so come and check us out. We are hoping to button up the Green house this month and I have started messing around with a rocket heater just this past Friday I have it roughly figured out and will get pictures and maybe a video soon of It. It is made from two recycled metal pressure tanks and some square tube stock that we had lying around in the scrap pile. I will also start selling some recycled Fiberglass tanks to be used in your own Aquaponics filtering systems or your Pond filtering systems. I'll be placing video here soon of these tanks and how we are using them in our system.

Our system build has fallen way off of schedule as we have been plagued with mechanical breakdowns and many repairs to our vehicles at the Well Service these last few months. Right now our 1,000 gallon holding tank is being used to drill Wells with as our water truck is going under a major brake overhaul. Here is the link to our photo albums at

Well I will be getting back here soon with more pictures and hopefully some videos of the rocket heater and the Aquaponics Garden Build @ Sowles Well Service.

I've got to run now because I am under the gun and Time is slipping away.
CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man