Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update of Our Aquaponics Build at Sowles Well Service May 28th 2013

Donald Beres Jr
Published on May 28, 2013
Recorded on May 28, 2013 using a Flip Video camera. This one is another short one. My batteries were about drained. I just wanted to show you all I got the major part of the sump pit dug today. And that I straitened up some.

Well I got to run because I am under the Gun.

 P.S. Sorry the Video stopped suddenly because the Battery died. I was saying I'll have to take the one thousand gallon tank down and add some more dirt and then water it down and pack it down into the dirt box. I should of known better, but I am doing this all on the fly after work And I am tried after the day is done. Again I'll do better as I get some extra time. CYA !

Well I finally got it over here for ya's guys. I am stuck for cash right now so I'll need to find some more. I need to order some stuff from off the Web.  Mostly uni seals. I'll need to get some treated plywood  three 1/2 inch x 8 ft x 4 ft about three sheets; to line the sump pit.

 I still need more cement blocks about 12, and some 2x2 patio blocks about 8 to put a floor into the sump pit for the tanks to sit level upon. But I did get most of the grass cut today  May30th 2013. And then the mower started to act up. I think we'll need to flush the fuel lines or clean the tanks out even. It's a Big mower a Dixie Chopper a good mower to have for large lawns. 

I truly need to get my seeds going too. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. Sunday maybe. Well I have the advantage of the Ponds water to jump start our system here. But for one guy it is a lot of work to do. Especially when you are disabled somewhat. But I am lucky to have the tools and equipment at my disposal as some of you may not. Hopefully you have a couple of strong backs and a weak mind or two you can tap into. LOL

It shouldn't be long now. I'll get something done here soon, but I am worn out already and I haven't even begun yet. But this I hope is the hardest part of this Aquaponics stuff; the build. I hope anyways. Well I talk at ya's soon.

P.S. I posted these videos first at youtube and leave them there a day or two. So I can search them out and then place them here. Plus it takes these older computers of mine so long to upload videos. I am ready for bed by the time there done. And I have a bad memory as well.    

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