Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guess Who Just Figured Out He Could Embed His Instagram Images?

Looking Back at the Cowlaflower as Starts right after I planted it. These were all in One Flat some where two and three plants to a section once separated and Planted I had fifty! 

I lost two and ended up with 48. I still have 48. One of those I lost is because I stepped upon it when I lost my balance. 

So these are pretty hearty But I did learn that you should cover these with a net to keep the Moths from laying their eggs on them it is just a simple plastic net that looks kinda like a fruit bag for Oranges. It is light weight you just lay it atop the plants and the moths leave them alone. I will try that next year.

Well I am off; well just a little bit, but I needs to get back to work. I must Keep on Keeping On!

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