Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Build Your Own Aquaponics System

These are Simple Stand alone systems Here which I have come to adapt into my greenhouse Aquaponics project.

One Tub One Bed and One Pump per system is a starting point most of these look to be about fifty gallons of water which could supply enough nutrients to two or three of these types of beds.

The Advantage is better Water Quality control and crop protect in case of system failure or contamination or Illness to the fish.

Using one Water source save power and is less costly but independent systems provides a fail safe. To the other beds and crops unless it is an airborne Cause. Pest or disease

This is the perfect way to make your children responsible. They will need to feed the fish each and every day and make sure that the air pump is working perfectly so that the fish get enough oxygen.

Also, they will have to monitor the state of the vegetables and when they get yellowish they need to announce you. These are not easy tasks, but will give them a sense of responsibility and will know that someone relies on them.

Also, they will be able to see how fish and plants grow, which will expand their knowledge about the vegetable and animal world.

For working adults

Vegetables are essential for a good nutrition, yet you can not always find fresh, organic veggies in the market.

With an Aquaponic garden in your house you will have fish and veggies for your family without depending on the market.

Also, you will save some money without investing too much of your precious time.

For retired seniors

When retirement comes, many people seek activities which do not require too much effort. Aquaponic gardening will keep you occupied for a while, yet without getting over your entire day.

In addition to that it will spare them of going to the market to buy veggies, it will help them save some money and at the same time will not require them too much effort. 

If they place the system at their waist level they will not need to bend or stretch, which will make this activity far more pleasant.

No matter what age group you are a part of, Aquaponics can prove to be rewarding for you. Give it a try and you will never want to live without this system!

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