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Green Acres~ "Organic Aquaponics"

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2011
Join me as I travel to Green Acre Organic where Tonya and Gina have built a fantastically abundant commercial Aquaponic system. In an Aquaponic system Tilapia are grown in a closed loop cycle along with plants.

Bacteria break down the Tilapia's waste into food the plants can eat. This system is totally safe, water smart, and energy efficient!

Well I am quite a bit away from cycling or even adding the water. Mother Nature is fighting us every step of the way.

We got more rain and a tighter schedule for the coming week. Still working on the Service Truck and cleaning up the property.

So the county can come and do their yearly inspection as we are housing our equipment at home. I think it is just a way to get extra money from us myself. 

I did get two larger tanks ready and was lucky as a local gas station needed a new system. And we hauled the old one away.

So that is about all the tanks I can think we will need. Even if we decide to try and go small business or even a commercial garden.  

If and/ or when the ground drys out. I will start setting the Telephone poles and framing out the rails for the Cattle Panels to sit upon which will be the top for the Greenhouse.

I am not to worried about Plastic just yet, as the summer air will most likely be here before I am up and cycling.

My Uncle lives right next door and has a small one acre pound.

We might try and catch some Blue Gills, Channel Cats and whatever else that is in there and start our system with them and some of the pond's water to help with getting the nutrients up and running in our system as I am way behind schedule . 

Well I placed some of the things that I will need in the Carousals and Ferris wheels from Amazon on the site today and I will place them on my "A" Store page also at my website along with all the others from the other Blogs and from the site Its self.

Well  I was going to use the Green Acre's song, but these Ladies bet me to It. Looks like they are making their system work. So If they can do It we should be able to, too right? I hope so!

I got to run because I am under the gun.

Somebody Come and Play Today! Earn as You Learn, Grow as You Go!

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