Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Look at Our Aquaponics Garden Site

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Donald Beres Jr
Published on Apr 25, 2013
Sorry this was a fast video after an ugly day at work. We lost our engine in the Service Truck and that set the pace for the rest of the day, Towing Fees, New engine cost, and new Install kits; Hoses, belts, oils, etc. this stuff ain't cheap and it means someone has to work the weekend...

It is about 5:00 pm here in this video. It turned out to be a nice day weather wise.

Here is some of the stuff that I have so far gathered together to make our Aquaponics Garden. I am trying to be as green as possible and as cheap as possible Big family big garden or at least the need is there for one and it should justify It's cost and maintenance fees.

This is our first Aquaponics Garden ever. We are trying this out because the old style garden was just to rough to maintain by ourselves. And with our busy schedules. We are forever running kids and chasing jobs.

I will do better as things slow down in the coming weeks. Not that we are wanting them to slow down. But it often does.

Well I said I would get a video up and I have. I am still learning to use this Flip Cam and the little camera I got off of

I will do better as things slow down and I get some time to sit and think We were rushing the kids around and we were tired as the day was a rush to catch up for time lost because of the blown engine. Excuses yes I know, but they are valid ones. 

I am hoping the weather stays nice and drys the ground out. I am not sure if you can see and hear how wet it still is here in IN. but I will work on this Aquaponic System every chance I get these next few weeks.

As we have to get the yard straighten out any way and the boss wants to get  the camper set up and the Barn floor poured and the insulation done and tons of other stuff.

I am wanting to focus on the Aquaponics garden and I am hoping as It gets set up and running that the rest of the gang will get a notion or take an interest in It too.

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