Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Update at the Sowles Aquaponins Garden Build Nov. 7th 2013

Donald Beres Jr
 Recorded on November 7, 2013 using a Flip Video camera.A quick look at the gift of concrete blocks, and patio blocks from our sponsor plus the first look at the raise beds I picked up  from one of our customers. Still here still kicking still given it what I got to spare at this moment in time. TTFN CYA Later Taters. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

I have another short video for this Update My flip cam loves to eat Double A's and The cold doesn't help the life of the ones I am using.

 Donald Beres Jr
Recorded on November 7, 2013 using a Flip Video camera. Quick look at we we have available to use at the Aquaponics Garden Site.

Hey all! How you Doing ? I am doing okay I guess. I have been busy trying to get funding for our own Aquaponics Green House, Learning Center, and Store. I am busy trying to raise funds to get this thing up and running as well as working to get it supplied and cycling. I have started a project with for this purpose of funding the garden and learning center. Here is that link so you can check it out : is a crowd source funding group it is really cool I never knew about this type of funding before I seen it on TV of all places a show called Two Broke Girls. I like it its about a rich girl who ends up being broke and meets a girl named max who was dirt poor all her life  and their trying to start a cupcake business and their lives as they work at a diner. Well I was board one night and typed kickstarter in and low and behold there was an actual crowd funding place there. So He I am trying to get funding for My Garden and learning center which is kind of an artistic way of growing Food Fish and Veggie together to create hormone free pesticide free, and chemical free fresh organic food. You know the stuff that doesn't give you cancer or diabetes. Stuff that is truly good for you to eat. And stuff that taste like real food use to can you remember those days? 

When food was cheap and green and tasted good? I can and I haven't been seeing any for a while now so I want to teach people mostly my children and grand children how to feed themselves and the world around them which they live. We have basically killed the farm lands we have been growing on these last few decade they posses nothing but chemicals this is why we are all overweight and sick in Our Country today another of the Governments big blunders farm control. We should have seen it coming.

And brother It is here today and in full force and growing. I am hell bent on learning to grow our own foods as I have had and do still remember the good green and healthy foods from the recent past say forty years ago when fresh milk was still delivered in glass bottles Farm fresh eggs one or two days old. fresh free range beef pork and chickens. The was and is no comparison to those foods of the past. Image stepping out your back door and clipping off fresh herbs for cooking and/ or fresh flowers for the table.

A small vineyard of green red grapes, picked along with cherries, apples, peaches, pears, and plumbs from your own trees that you feed with the waste water from the Fish you grew in your Aquponics system well this will take a little time fruit is a wonderful thing to have but they require pruning and feeding.

Ever hear the story when you were a kid about the Indians teaching the Pilgrims to grow Maze [corn]?
Well even back then they knew a fish was worth more then the meat off its back. Yep they taught the Pilgrims to bury a fish with every seed of corn and the Pilgrims to this day are eating corn every day and know it not. Fish are a source of natural fertilizer and are healthy when grown correctly with chemicals.

Preservatives and these chemicals are what is killing us off or making us sick for the Pharisaical compies to relieve us of our Money and their illnesses.  

Now I am not a Conspiracy theory nut but I am starting to be an of the kind of one as Alex Jones check him out!

I too think that The world is changing because I am a Bible believing kind of nut bag. This stuff is all making more and more sense to me. Cancer, Diabetes, Al-timers, some-Timers you name It people didn't get all this crap as often as they do now why? because they whom ever they are have gotten damn good at their delivery systems. Their transportation systems, advertising systems, and their infrastructures are enormous.

So Grow your own foods and use your own fresh water and fish to grow them with. You won't be sorry that you did.

Well I got to run because I am under the gun.
TTFN CYA Later Taters
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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man