Saturday, January 25, 2014

An Update of the Aquaponics Garden Build @Sowles Well Service June 21st 2013

An Update of Our Aquaponics Garden Build June 21st 2013

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Our Aquaponics Garden Build as of June 21st 2013

  by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Our Aquaponics Build as of June 21st 2013

Boy I sure didn't think I'd be planting my seeds so late in the year. But Saturday the 22nd is my day to Get It Done.

I have just about everything I need too. But Time. Time its been hard finding the Time and when I got It. It wants to rain on my dime. Not a soft summer rain. No! But a torrential downpour. Every time I found some time this year I was rained out. Are there evil forces here at work? I a have asked myself this a lot here in this last decade of my life. Maybe but, most likely not...

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